Modulo de Expansión EXP100 Sangoma Ampliar

Modulo de Expansión EXP100 Sangoma

20 Programmable Hard Keys for Up to 40 Programmable Features , 2x Control Keys for Quickly Switching Pages, Daisy-chain Up to 6 Modules for Up to 240 Programmable Keys *Up to 50 BLFs , Compatible with Sangoma s500 & s700 IP Phones , Wall Mountable, Large 160x320 Graphic LCD Display.

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High-Performance LCD Expansion Module

Designed specifically for users who manage high call volumes, the Sangoma EXP100 expansion module delivers single-button access to contacts / extensions and maximizes productivity of the telephone attendant by eficiently dispatching inbound calls. The EXP100 is compatible with the Sangoma s500 and s700 series. Physical Features The EXP100 features a large 160x320 graphic LCD display with 2 pages of 20 programmable hard keys delivering up to 40 programmable features. Dual-color LED and 2 control keys for fast page switching make the EXP100 simplify communications. Expandability Extend your investment by daisy-chaining up to 6 expansion modules for up to 240 programmable keys.

Feature Keys:


  • 20x physical keys each with a dual-color LED,
  • 20x additional keys through page switch ,
  • 2x independent control keys,
  • 20x additional keys through page switch, 
  • Daisy-chain up to 6 modules for up to 240 programmable keys *Up to 50 BLFs