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Tonmind PA System Lite is a audio broadcast software with built-in SIP server. It provides all-in-one unified IP audio solution. It can support SIP extension broadcast. It can play various audio sources from SIP call, live radio, local media player, universal windows media player (for example, Spotify, iTunes, VLC, etc. ) via RTP Multicast. Users can easily set and control zones, contents, rings, volume and scheduling. It’s perfect to be used in School PA System, Commercial PA System, Transportation PA System, Hotel PA System, Health Care PA System, etc.


  • Hardware requirements: PC with windows 10 and above.
  • Compatible devices: Tonmind SIP Speaker, Tonmind Paging Adapter, or other IP Audio Products.
  • Functions: Control zones, contents, rings, scheduling, volume. Perfect for a wide range of solutions in schools, retail stores and public buildings, etc.
  • License: User need to contact us for license key. Customers who order bulk Tonmind Network Speaker shall be offered with free license key.
  • Solution cases: Various PA System. For instance,  School PA System, Office PA System, Hotel PA System, Hospital PA System, Commercial Building PA System.
  • Download link: Tonmind PA System Lite

Tonmind PA System Lite is an audio broadcast software that converts multi audio input to SIP extension broadcasting and RTP Muliticast.  It can manage and control various PA System professionally.

  • Efficient manageable audio system.
  • Support RTP Multicast.
  • Support SIP extensions.
  • Support built-in bell ringing.
  • Multi zones management.
  • Multi kinds of audio streams.
  • Flexible schedule configuration.
  • Compatible with all windows music players.
  • Provide all-in-one unified IP audio solutions.
  • Manage and control various PA System excellently.

Tonmind Audio Manager VS Tonmind PA System Lite VS Tonmind PA System Pro

Tonmind Audio Manager Tonmind PA System Lite Tonmind PA System Pro
Buit-in SIP Server N/A YES YES
C/S Architecture N/A N/A YES
SIP Extension N/A 1000 1000
Multi-user Control N/A N/A YES
Functions Zones, Contents, Rings, Scheduling, Volume Zones, Contents, Rings, Scheduling, Volume Zones, Contents, Rings, Scheduling, Volume



Su fundación en 2014, conocida como Enterprise de alta tecnología, es un proveedor de rápido crecimiento para el sistema IP PA Con r & D Centro en Xiamen Centro de software, sobre 50% El personal de la oficina es profesional Ingenieros. Tonmind se ha comprometido a proporcionar altavoces de la red de alta calidad que tenga una amplia aplicación en múltiples campos, incluyendo la escuela, el edificio comercial, la oficina, el hotel, los lugares grandes, el hospital, etc.

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Tonmind PA System Lite Manual

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