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Tonmind IP Paging Microphone SIP-M20 is designed with elegant cast aluminum panel and cold rolled sheet shell. It converts the input analog audio signal into IP audio stream output, thus can realize remote control and management of terminal equipment. The IP network paging station has built-in Android system, up to 8G flash storage. 8 SIP lines enable free phone calls. WiFi enables more network mode capability. Built-in 5W speaker and microphone enable easy communication, announcement receiving and monitoring. User-friendly UI enables easy contacts control. The IP Microphone supports RTP multicast paging, point to point and zone paging. It’s ok to download and upload files via FTP sever and USB disk. There are two audio in, one audio out to provide multi paging solutions. It supports real-time monitoring and speaking while playing music, which can be widely used in VoIP, security and public address system fields.

IP Microphone Feature

• 8 SIP lines
• Android system, 8G flash, WiFi
• RTP multicast paging
• Real-time monitoring
• Support FTP server, USB disk music
• 8.0-inch touch screen, 1280*800 resolution
• 2 Audio-in, 1 Audio-out



Su fundación en 2014, conocida como Enterprise de alta tecnología, es un proveedor de rápido crecimiento para el sistema IP PA Con r & D Centro en Xiamen Centro de software, sobre 50% El personal de la oficina es profesional Ingenieros. Tonmind se ha comprometido a proporcionar altavoces de la red de alta calidad que tenga una amplia aplicación en múltiples campos, incluyendo la escuela, el edificio comercial, la oficina, el hotel, los lugares grandes, el hospital, etc.

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Tonmind IP Microphone User Manual(1)

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